Reason for my success

I was involved with yoga for about 4 years, with a few different instructors, before joining Alan Franzi, Creative Edge Yoga – about 10 years ago. I attended the Kundalini class for about 1 1/2 years and then had to take a leave due to surgery. For whatever reason, after surgery, I experienced severe back problems… not my usual “flare-up” due to a herniated disc that I’ve always been able to manage with chiropractor help, but a horrible pain in the SI joint area. I am not one to let pain take over my daily routines, but this problem stopped me in my tracks. After a year of being under the care of many different types of medical therapy – chiropractor, orthopedic doctors, neurosurgeon, and injections (4 times) and a type of ultrasound pain therapy. I began one-on-one alignment therapy (Egoscue) sessions with Alan. I was at the point that I didn’t think anything would give me the relief I was so looking for, but was willing to try anything. I remember thinking that if I was this disabled at 55 what would I be like at 65… I really did not think I could tolerate the pain and discomfort of just normal day-to-day existence. The “alignment therapy” with Alan literally gave me my life back. I learned that it wasn’t only about the SI joint pain, but how and why my overall spine/posture alignment affected the overall problem. I have been back to “normal” exercising along with yoga and Kundalini practice for over 5 years now. I will have on and off again symptoms, but am able to keep them under control by working the Egoscue methods and taking Alan’s advice. I do believe that he has been the reason for my success. I would recommend his therapy procedures to anyone with any kind of discomfort or pain – in any area of the body.

Cheryl Livingston -Guilford, CT