You Look Younger, What Did You Do?

You look younger, what did you do? I improved my posture. The rounding of my back (kyphosis) is gone, I’m standing straighter and my head is positioned more naturally. I can sleep on my stomach for the first time in 20 years and my extended range of motion has allowed me to improve my golf swing. Regular posture exercises for the last two years under Alan Franzi’s direction have made a difference noticeable to others and to me.  I only wish I hadn’t waited until experiencing excruciating sciatica pain to get into regular posture therapy. At age 64, after what should have been my usual yard work, I pinched something and became completely debilitated. I slept in a recliner for two weeks and lived with significant pain and a limp for over six months. But the posture exercises with Alan provided immediate help and, over time, full relief along with the many other benefits.  Of course, there’s room for further improvement but I continue to make noticeable progress and expect to keep up these exercises indefinitely. It takes a commitment but this improves my well being, which, at any age, is certainly one of the most important investments anyone can make.

P. Long - Guilford, CT - May 2015