The last few years were proving to be those of challenge.  I have always been a  very active person and loved to play tennis.  However, it was getting to be very frustrating as when tennis season came around, I was unable to play for some reason.  First, it was plantar fasciitis.  I got that resolved on my own and the frozen shoulder came along and I was out the season again.  The next one w…Read More

    Sandy T., Branford, Ct.
  2. Letting Tension Go Is So Satisfying

    Incorporating Somatics into my (daily) practice has given me a whole new insight on many levels into where I am unknowingly holding tension with constantly contracted muscles. Instead of trying harder it is releasing and letting go. And letting go is so satisfying. Now we are safely doing it through Zoom and it is just as rewarding as doing it in person.  …Read More

        Betty H
  3. My Balance and Posture Has Improved and I Feel Much Stronger.

    I had wanted to take Yoga classes for a very long time.  Most classes that I tried were not for me.  They felt competitive, not enough guidance, too many people.....Alan is an excellent instructor, and is very careful that you work within your own capabilities, it's not about the "best pose".  I am in my 60's and really love his somatic class on Sunday mornings.  He works on a lot of internal …Read More

    DH, Branford
  4. I am able to do things today that a year ago were nearly impossible…

    My journey towards living a pain free life began in January 2019. I was experiencing neck, shoulder, lower back and hip pain for about 6 months before I decided to quit ignoring it or wishfully thinking it would all just go away over time. I did some research and found Alan Franzi, Creative Edge Yoga and decided this was the right path for me. When I first met Alan, we talked about my specific iss…Read More

    Susan C., Guilford, CT
  5. Bottled Improvement

    It is said that if one finds something amazing, bottle it.  Alan Franzi's yoga classes may be just that.  Who does not want to improve on their physical, spiritual, and emotional health?  Alan guides us to our own self-realization of posture, mood, and energy.  One week, we may be bursting to be the first to answer "Any requests today?"  Another week, we may get assists to help us get our upp…Read More

    Steve B, Woodbridge, CT
  6. He’s helped me fix that…[postural problems], and it’s changed my life.

    After years of running for fun and working a desk job, I found myself in my early 40’s having worn orthotics for 20 years, with increasing knee pain, increasing lower back pain, a persistent knot in the back of my neck, and tingling and occasional numbness in my fingers. Doctors wanted to do a knee replacement. Then I found Alan Franzi and the Egoscue based postural therapy he presented to me.…Read More

    Guy I from Guilford
  7. You Look Younger, What Did You Do?

    You look younger, what did you do? I improved my posture. The rounding of my back (kyphosis) is gone, I’m standing straighter and my head is positioned more naturally. I can sleep on my stomach for the first time in 20 years and my extended range of motion has allowed me to improve my golf swing. Regular posture exercises for the last two years under Alan Franzi’s direction have made a differ…Read More

    P. Long - Guilford, CT - May 2015
  8. His Teaching Is Subtle, Refined & Full Of Mastery!

    Although I have a yoga practice that spans twenty years and a variety of styles, I discover something new and profound every time that I’m in a classroom with Alan Franzi. In our very first session, he spotted patterns in my body that were continually creating discomfort and unease and he gave me exercises to perform daily. I have had a habit of moving in certain poses without using my shoulders…Read More

    K. Giunta - Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher
  9. Knee pain has remained a distant memory

    Four years ago I had severe knee pain. An orthopedic surgeon told me that I would need both knees replaced within five years if I did not lose weight. Shortly after this appointment, I was told about an Egoscue postural alignment class and decided to try it. After the first session, my knee pain was gone. Alan Franzi the instructor developed a specialized menu of gentle exercises for me to help re…Read More

    Nancy B. -North Branford, CT
  10. Alan’s classes are great

    Alan has enabled me to completely changed my life of chronic pain to a life virtually without pain. Alan helps people to live pain-free lives by showing them how to them to move more functionally through proper alignment. This is NOT exercise. This is a series of positions to be held in a very specific way, in a very specific order which enable the body to work the way it is supposed to work, the …Read More

    Jen P. -Oxford, CT