1. Definite improvement

    Before starting my training with Alan I always had a “wobble” to one side when I was skiing. Also my left turn was much weaker than the turn to the right. After 6 lessons I noticed a definite improvement with the left turn being equal to the right. Also the “wobble” was significantly reduced. I am continuing the lessons and working for even more alignment and skiing improvement. The alignm…Read More

    Jerry C. -New Haven, CT
  2. Incredibly talented individual

    …Aging and a sedentary but difficult job brought on severe pain again in my back and left leg. I retired from work but found I could not do simple tasks (vacuuming) without having to stop and rest several times due to severe pain. This was not how I wanted to live my retirement years! A friend suggested you and (Posture Therapy) … and I figured … it could only help as I pretty much had pain …Read More

    Grace C. -Hamden, CT
  3. He truly has a gift

    It is impressive how Alan understands this complex work of the body's neuromuscular system and is able to translate it to others so that it makes sense. With a history of chronic back pain from overuse injuries, I always feel better after taking Alan's class or working with him privately and it is with confidence in his expertise that I recommend clients to him - he truly has a gift for this work …Read More

    Susan D
  4. Reason for my success

    I was involved with yoga for about 4 years, with a few different instructors, before joining Alan Franzi, Creative Edge Yoga - about 10 years ago. I attended the Kundalini class for about 1 1/2 years and then had to take a leave due to surgery. For whatever reason, after surgery, I experienced severe back problems... not my usual "flare-up" due to a herniated disc that I've always been able to man…Read More

    Cheryl Livingston -Guilford, CT
  5. I am so grateful

    I am so grateful to have been introduced to Yoga posture work under the instruction of Alan Franzi. His commitment to the practice, unique insight, and genuine care has opened up a new world for me in the continual maintenance of this fifty year old body. As a young adult, keeping fit meant many hours at the gym with cardio and heavy weights. In my late thirties I began to have serious lower back …Read More

    Lisa T. -Bethany, CT
  6. Highly recommend

    I have always been an active person who enjoyed sports as well as a variety of outdoor activities. I was drawn to yoga about 5 years ago thinking that it would improve my flexibility for activities such as sea kayaking, rock climbing and basketball. During the early stages of my yoga practice Alan was excellent in clearly demonstrating and explaining the correct way to perform the poses. The minor…Read More

    Ron G. -Guilford, CT
  7. Terrific workout

    In the Fall of 1985, the postman delivered a Branford Education Continuing Education brochure. I had seen one many times before, but this time was different. Somewhere in the middle of the catalogue, in the "self-improvement" section - an evening yoga class caught my attention. It sounded interesting, so I decided to enroll. For some time, I had wanted to explore this discipline. I hoped it would …Read More

    Leslie G. -Branford, CT
  8. Truly extraordinary

    The most remarkable value I find from my yoga experience with Alan Franzi is Alan Franzi himself. There is something truly extraordinary about a teacher who actually connects with every single person as they walk into the room. He has the ability to quickly assess the mood of the group and more importantly, your own demeanor to target the yoga practice for that day. From day one, my yoga experienc…Read More

    Marcia Bird -Clinton, CT
  9. By far THE BEST

    I have attended other yoga classes but find that Alan’s are by far THE BEST! His classes are highly beneficial for increasing flexibility, gaining strength, stress relief and overall well being, the reasons why I have consistently attended each session for the past 5 years. The strength I have gained physically and mentally is what drives me to keep practicing. At the end of each class I always …Read More

    Eileen H. -Guilford, CT
  10. Classes are always fun

    As an older member of Alan's yoga class, I want to say that I would not be in as good condition as I am today, without the yoga techniques I have learned and practiced. Al has guided me to remain flexible and relatively pain free for many years. As physical events, small and large, have developed for me, I always count on Al for the correct way to support my healing. Besides, his classes are alway…Read More

    Marcia J. -Orange, CT