Pain Free Posture Therapy

Our “Pain Free” Posture Based Yoga and Movement Therapy

More and more research is available that indicates Yoga Therapy and allied awareness based somatic movement modalities may be powerful tools to offer real and unique benefits that set it apart from traditional fitness and exercise disciplines.

If you have been seeking help for problems such as repetitive stress pain issues, back and joint pain, sciatica, degenerative conditions normally associated with aging, Bursitis, Arthritis, low energy, dizziness/vertigo or other chronic conditions; our therapy programs may offer a different perspective and solutions.

The unique aspect we offer is that in addressing the body and a unit and the self as a whole we can uncover and address the overall movement and postural imbalances and dysfunction at the root musculoskelatal causes of the issues.

For over 18 years, I have specialized in utilizing powerful Posture Therapy program which blends the aforementioned classic Yoga therapeutic approach and modern movement practices to target the root causes of chronic pain, balance and movement problems.

Our therapy programs involve individual sessions that allow for a more targeted application of the techniques of corrective exercise and therapeutic Yoga, movement, and mindfulness practices than is possible in group class settings.

I invite you to explore this functionally based posture therapy and corrective movement re-patterning work. Read more about how this works to help you get back the life you love here.

You can also click here for a pdf of my brochure with more information about me and the program.

For more on this Posture Therapy please contact me here, or call me at (203)488-1700.