1. Somatic Movement Solutions to Address the Postural Roots of Chronic Pain with Alan Franzi

    A Somatic Movement experience to help get back in balance.  Mondays,  November 23 - December 14, 2020--4 sessions 10:00 AM - 11:00AM $70.00 for the 4 week series, $20.00 per class to drop in Online via Zoom with Alan Franzi and sponsored by the JCC of New Haven--contact Alan at alan@creativeedgeyoga.com or by phone at (203)980-8853 for information and to register. Somatic Movement Education can …Read More

  2. “So Hum” A Mantra Meditation for a Clear and Calm Mind

    “If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet...maybe we could understand something.” ― Federico Fellini(1) Muddy Water, Let Stand, Becomes Clear― Lao Tzu(2) With difficult political and social times, pandemics and the uncertainty of how to even approach this holiday season layered over its normal challenges, finding ways to stay present for family, loved ones and our own ph…Read More

  3. Surviving “Zoom” and So Much Sitting

    Sitting has been called the new smoking(1) because of the growing understanding of the s negative impact extended sitting places on our health and well-being. Due to changes in how life is lived day to day over the years  it can be argued a “movement starvation” has been developing over the last several decades. This movement starvation can be seen as the diminished amount, quality and variet…Read More

  4. Centering Simply with Long Deep Breathing

    The information below is for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer For many, even thinking about meditation seems daunting, with the busy and stressed out mind seeming to be totally out of control. As with all our work in Yoga and meditation, we can begin to grow in our skill by meeting the mind where it is at and not forcing some difficult feat of focus in the early stages. The f…Read More

  5. The Value of Taking Time In Stressful Times

    “Oftentimes, one strips oneself of passion[meditation}     In order to see the Secret of Life; Oftentimes, one regards life with passion,     In order to see its manifest results. These two (the Secret and its manifestations)     Are (in their nature) the same; They are given different names     When they become manifest. They may both be called the Cosmic Mystery: Reaching from …Read More

  6. New Times, New Solutions For Living Well With Yoga

    In September  the state announced an extension of the Pandemic Disaster Declaration by 5 months until February 20121. Even as we in Connecticut enter a new phase 3 of our re-opening there is are resurgences of the virus occurring locally and elsewhere that suggests re-opening process will last longer and take many turns before things stabilize. No matter the specifics of how this may show up in o…Read More

  7. Pain Free Plus: Somatic Movement Solutions for Chronic Pain

    6 Weeks Virtual Interactive Classes via Zoom Monday | September 14 - October 26* *No class Sept 28 10-11AM Pricing JCC Members: Series: $100 Per Class: $20 Community (Non-Members): Series: $125, Per Class: $25 Experience how Somatic Movement Education can help you understand and resolve the postural and movement imbalances at the root of acute and chronic pain caused by repetitive stress, cumulati…Read More

  8. Yoga, Meditation and Being Positive In Challenging Times–It’s Not (Just) What You Think

    We’ve all heard the prescription towards positive thinking.  We’ve been told many times that it is supposed to be good for our health, our relationships, and our present situation.  But what exactly is positive thinking?  And how do we get there especially in these challenging times? The Trouble with Defining It… To begin with, positive thinking is not a Pollyanna-ish denial of suffering …Read More

  9. Self Acceptance for Grace and Growth— Five Benefits of Conscious Yoga Practice

    Yoga and meditation practices are incredibly effective and powerful tools to bring calm, peace and perspective to our lives. A pre-requisite for advancement in and integration of the benefits of a conscious Yoga practice is the willingness to look inside in an engaged, active and responsive manner. To free ourselves from the grip of the imbalances and disturbances that robs us of physical health a…Read More

  10. Change Your Brain, Change your Body & Change Your Life– A Mini Posture and Somatic Exploration Immersion Retreat

    Change Your Brain, Change your Body & Change Your Life-- A Mini Posture and Somatic Exploration Immersion Retreat Online via Zoom Meeting Thursday July 2nd, Friday July 5th, Sunday July 5th and Monday, July 6th From 9:00am-10:15am. Fee:$42.00. Please email me at: alan@creativeedgeyoga.com or call me at 203.488.1700 to register, arrange payment and get the Zoom link to the series. The path towa…Read More